How to take care of your girl’s hair after the summer camp

Nothing worse for the hair than the days of intense sun and pool water, especially for our girls’ hair. After all the fun of summer camp, it’s time to help recover the damaged hair, and here are some tips we want to share with mothers to achieve it.

No pressure

Summer camps save the lives of many parents since they keep the kids busy and entertained while the parents continue their working schedules. It is important to let the children enjoy and have fun without worries. That’s why if your girl has enjoyed the pool with no limit, the good news is that hair grows and for girls, even more. So there’s no need to panic neither to call her out creating unnecessary stress in her little mind.

Time for a haircut

After the summer the time is ideal for your girl to have a haircut. If she is coquette and loves her long hair, a simple cut of the ends is enough to refresh and strengthen the hair before starting the “operation hydration”. Also, it might be a good moment to offer her a “change of style” with the excuse of imitating her favorite celebrity or to go back to school with a new look (especially if you have a teenager). To find haircut inspirations can become a great way to bond –just girls-, and to learn more about your girl’s style and what she likes.

Re-hydrate, re-hydrate and re-hydrate

This will be the key to be able to recover the silkiness and texture of the damaged hair. Use conditioning treatments with ingredients like the ones included in our lines Capilo de Huevo y Oliva (Egg and Olive), or Capilo Miel y Leche (Honey and Milk). They will help nourish the hair with proteins that will give back its strength.

Hair masks

Another great idea to hydrate your girl’s hair is to apply hair masks. To do this you don’t need to expend an excessive amount of money in sophisticated products since there are options that you can apply at home. For example, before washing her hair or take her to the hair salon, you can apply Capilo’s Coconut Oil, that helps hydrate the hair; or Capilo Avocado Oil, that helps to nourish it deeply. Apply it from half of the hair down to the ends and let it work for 15 minutes before starting the hair-wash routine.

You can also create your own hair mask mixing an avocado, with two spoons of honey, one spoon of Capilo’s Almond Oil and one egg yolk. This mix is rich in proteins that you can also apply for 10 minutes before the shampoo. Then proceed to wash the hair as usual.

Let the blower rest

Another thing you can do to strengthen your girl’s hair is to avoid the use of the blower or flat irons. Girls look beautiful with their natural hair, no matter the texture. Let her hair air dry, eliminating the excess of water with a piece of cotton fabric or old t-shirt (avoid using a towel because it creates frizz). Doll-up her style with ribbons or headbands, or any cut hair accessory. You can also style her hair in braids, using a styling cream to keep each strand in place.

Do you apply some of this tips in your daily routine? We want to hear you. 😀


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