5 School-approved hairstyles

hairstyles for girls

We share with you 5 creative options to do your little girl’s hair with a lot of imagination and little complication.

Back to school, the time that makes the whole family speed up its daily rhythm. And one of the things that parents are always worried about –specially the moms- is that their kids look always neat.

The time of taking care of a girl’s hairstyles is a stage that every mom enjoys (but goes by too fast). Girls look beautiful and coquette when they show a nice hairdo. If you are enjoying this stage of motherhood, we recommend to keep your kid’s hair always hydrated, so that her hair remains strong, and to be able to keep every strand in place as you brush her hair.

Wash her hair with hydrating conditioners such as the ones of our lines Capilo Huevo y Oliva (Egg and Olive Oil), or our Capilo de Miel y Leche (Milk and Honey). Both were created to deeply nourish hair, and they include shampoo, conditioner, leave-in and hair mask.

Also, before doing your girl’s hair, you can apply a few drops or our Gotas de Brillo Capilo (Shine Drops), to keep the style in place and make her hair look shiny and healthy.

Now if you feel like sometimes you run out of ideas, here are 5 hairstyles that will get you the maximum grade:

Braided Buns

Divide the hair in two sections. Make a braid on each side, from the bottom to the top, holding it together with a band at the top. You can choose to leave the rest of the hair loose or to twist them around in two buns.

Braided Buns

Double braids

Divide the hair in 4 sections. Make two thin braids with the frontal sections. Then cross the left braid to the right side, and continue the braid through the lower right section. Do the same with the other side.

Double braids

Laced ponytail

Very easy. Get a bunch of bands and ribbons of similar sizes and colors. Divide the hair in 4 or 5 horizontal sections. Make a tail with the first section, then tie it to the next section with another band as you see in the image. Continue until the last section.

Laced ponytail

Ribbon-like bun

This is a beautiful hairdo for little princesses. Gather all the hair in a ponytail at the top of the head. When you are turning the band for the last time, pull the hair but don’t let the ends come through. You’ll get like a mushroom-shaped bun. Divide it in two, then bring the ends through the center of it to form the ribbon shape. Use bobby pins to adjust the sides.

Ribbon-like bun

“Frozen” hairstyle

If your girl is a fan of the movie Frozen, and you want a more elaborated hairstyle for a special occasion at school, you can dare to make this hairstyle inspired in the character of Elsa.


What of this ideas was your favorite? We love to read your comments. 😀



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