Laboratorio Capilo Español, C. por A. is a company founded in 1984, specializing in developing, manufacturing and distributing of beauty products in general. We manufacture products for both our own organization and third parties, under the concept of private branding. We serve customers in both the Dominican Republic and foreign countries.

Our manufacturing facilities are equipped to meet a large range of customer needs and product requirements.

Since 2000, the organizational structure of Laboratorio Capilo Español, has developed into a dynamic organization with a mission of offering our customers products and services of the highest quality at a competitive price.

The management of the organization is determined to make the necessary efforts to continuously improve development, manufacturing and distribution processes of our products and services to be counted among the largest organizations in the sector.

Quality Policy

At Laboratorio Capilo Español, we are dedicated to developing innovative and differentiated beauty products, to their manufacturing through safe and consistent processes and to their distribution. We are committed to faithfully meeting both internal and external customer’s requirements, including those legal and regulatory requirements applicable to our industry through the continuous search for excellence in processes, products and services.

We promote long term quality relationships with our suppliers, staff and customers. We guarantee our quality management system reliability (based on ISO-9000) of our products and services. (DSG-01 “Quality Policy” Revision 02, Date: 29/08/2008)

Mission Statement

We are committed to the satisfaction of our customers around the world through innovation, flexibility and quality, in developing, manufacturing and distributing beauty products.

Research and Development

Laboratorio Capilo Español distinguishes itself for working hand-in-hand with a team of people aware of customers’ evolving needs to develop product solutions to those needs.

Our values

Strong values guide our actions and choices in meeting our customers' needs and providing quality products.


We are convinced that without our family (our employees, suppliers, and distributors) would not be who we are. Our success we owe to you.

Quality and Innovation

Providing quality products using the most modern techniques in the process is a constant in our company.

We care for the environment

We are strongly committed to protecting the environment; to that end, we are continually improving our processes to reduce environmental impact.



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